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Why do Aliens look like this?


"…They're using us for test subjects, probing us with devices to test our anatomy. Some people actually have made this actual claim. There have been films that have been made about this event that was based on a true story. But let's dial back a bit. Which came first, the idea of an alien or the sight of an alien? Obviously, we can't definitively estimate this as there are some depictions of ancient paintings or writings that can allude to sort of alien life forms.…"

How much of us is in "Aliens?"


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"…Hey, bro, I'm going to be honest with you. If aliens do visit us, I don't think they would want to really invade. Think they may, like, study us. I think they may find us interesting because they have discovered a new planet, but intelligent species. It is possible they may want to dominate us. But it may be similar to how we study dolphins. Right? You know, dolphins are intelligent scientists. We call them marine biologists.…"

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"…Thank you, Marcus. Thank you for not only taking the time to listen to this audio, but to also offer an audio response. And I thought your response was very poignant and definitely underlines the issue of the human subconscious. We only can perceive things in a humanistic sort of way. It's like trying to explain your subconscious. Why does the brain have a conscious we can't say because we only know of our conscious state of being.…"

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"…And yeah, you can make the case that has been carried down through like oral or artistic tradition and that it's been replicated because that's what people expect. You know, if you paint something one way for a thousand years, people, 1000 years later, probably going to paint the same way. Yeah, but maybe it's that people throughout the years have encountered similar things. And that kind of scares the s*** out of me, if I'm being honest with you.…"

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"…But the only unfortunate thing with a lot of the evidence out there to suggest there's been aliens to visit planet is that none of it has been empirical evidence. It's all been the worst type of evidence ever. You could have to state your proof is eyewitness accounts. Unfortunately, it's in league with Hercules and Hades and Zeus and that sort of stuff. It's kind of in the same range as those in Slenderman, that sort of stuff.…"

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