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Toxic Productivity

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"…But here in America, you better believe we got to work every day, including holidays, to just make buy for the billionaires, the ones who tell you to to do more. Thank you for listening to this. Well, if you have anything to contribute, we love to hear it's.…"

Why Must We Do More When We Are Thought Of Less By The Elite?


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"…I also talk with people about and this has also been out there like overfilling their kids schedule. Kids need downtime too. I'm a firm believer of that and listen to them when they say hey, I need a break from that. Allow them to have that break. Like why can't they have a break? And you recognize you need breaks from things as an adult, certainly a kid will need a break too, right? But great question. I like the term toxic productivity.…"

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"…Of course, the United States, germany is one of them. So I'm naming all these countries that. Why do they have some of the highest suicide rates throughout the world? Very interesting, right? Capitalism is almost like a curse on society. There are some good things that come out of it, but I don't know, does it do us more harm than good? Yeah, they want you to be productive. All right. I hear that a lot, especially from work, man.…"

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"…Although I would feel it's silly of me to think of myself as a life coach, there are instances where people do look towards my viewpoint about things and it actually helps them in certain aspects of their life or if nothing else, to gain a perspective. That's what I love to do. I actually had someone on here recently was thankful for me for giving them a thought process to consider that they previously did not. So that's what I do. That's why I do this.…"


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"…Omega strange. Thank you so much, sir. Sir? Not sure. Thank you so much, sir, for not only providing an audio response, but also listening to the audio. Okay? I'm all Luke Be today, man. Give me five. Give me handshake. Why? Because that's a sign of respect. Thank you very much. Okay, let's get into this. Capitalism is the system. We all live in. Capitalism, the symptoms will never win.…"


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"…But, yeah, where is that space where I fall back and let him live his own life and where I insert myself and say, no, you're going to take care of your body, and I'm going to force you to since the person who is currently walking like, I've been at the gym since 04:15 A.m.…"


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"…Yeah, it has to be that fire has to be in them. Like Michael Jordan, he did make varsity when he first tried out in high school. He had to kind of go at it again and again to do it. And obviously now we know him to be the best basketball player possibly of all time, or one of the best athletes of all time, or at least in recent recorded history. So you have to work at things in order to get better. That is a dilemma.…"


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"…In days and days, months and months, years and years you just have the same desk doing the same thing over and over again. And so what does your mind say then that, oh I wish I had a traveling job, I should go out a little bit and you seek out opportunities. So productivity is one way of looking at it, procrastination is another way of looking at it. Getting stuff done while you still can is one way of doing it.…"

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"…And you compare yourself and I truly am in a comparing myself place to a friend of mine had a baby. I'm like, how on earth is she doing that? And then my writing partner not only has two babies but a dog and also is juggling three or four different writing projects. And I'm like, I only have one writing project. So then I added two more writing projects and somehow that feels like not enough at all. And these are the things I want.…"


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"…Boss talk. Thank you so much for not only taking the time to listen to the swell, but to also offer an audio response. And yeah, you know, it's very interesting in this day and age of culture and more, the culture around the motivation to work and to strive for greatness, there kind of can be these weird a** notions of, well, who needs sleep? You need work.…"


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"…But anyway, with capitalism in its boom right now, in terms of, like, I noticed there's like a culture we're going back to the right. There's a sort of culture back then that you took pride in your job, be a productive member of society. There's like this sort of like straight lace culture in terms of work and applying yourself and all that sort of stuff.…"


Toxic Productivity

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