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RIP To The Big Homie.

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"…Little did I know that would be the last conversation I ever have with them. Tragically, his life ended and in some would say mysterious circumstances. But not a day goes by I don't think about hanging out with him again, letting them hear my new music. He was one of my biggest first music fans that believed in my skill and my talent when everybody else kind of snickered and laughed and just thought I was trying to be somebody else instead of myself.…"

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Demarkis Klan Destine

@OmegaStrange · 2mo ago · 2:06

"…Now I don't really know Jerome, you know, I don't know him. Like that phony matter. Like a few times, maybe a couple of times. Yeah, like a couple of times. I remember one time he came over while I was at your mom's crib down in the basement. The basement days. You know what, man? I remember I've only met Jerome a couple of times. And this was back in your basement days.…"

Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 2mo ago · 4:04

"…Yeah, I remember going to get headphones. That was a big deal. Getting CD players and headphones Walkman's and stuff. We would go to Guitar Center. So funny. I would go to Guitar Center before I got into music production just to get like some headphones, some really dope headphones. That's the only reason why I went there prior. And I remember I had these headphones that now I know needed an amplifier because they just sounded terrible.…"

@OmegaStrange damn! 🤣

RIP To The Big Homie.

@FryedOreo · 2mo ago · 4:34


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