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Happy Early Sunday Morning.

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"…I think I'm past the point of a person listening, and my challenge is to get a person to respond because listening here, although it is great, it doesn't reward me in any value. It's no real value for me. The real value is in the engagement, the conversations. That's more what the value comes from. Now, if we were on anchor and if I get plenty of listings per post, yeah, that actually could translate into money.…"

This is as close as I’ll get to Smalltalk.


J.L. Beasley

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"…I was responding to someone else as well. And then they had responded back. Now, this was one I did not necessarily listen to. I read the transcription part and assumed that was the entire Swell, and it wasn't. And so then essentially the person responded that in the comment that they had also said X, Y, and Z. And I was like, oh, I didn't read that part. And then when I looked back, I said, Wait a minute.…"

Dewuan .

@FryedOreo · 3w ago · 1:13

"…So it kind of messed up the whole point of that post. Honestly, it was meant to fool the transcribe, but it's hard to fool it. But yeah, it's cool, though. I use it all the time. I use it all the time.…"



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