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Anti-Loitering Tech

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"…Something very demonic about it. I don't know, something very evil. Just thought I'd say that.…"

Addressing Homelessness And Poverty In These Modern Times.


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"…One of the worst things about being a security guard is that you have to enforce discrimination on others, right? I remember one of our clients, he was the operations manager for this leasing company. They lease out office spaces for business owners. It was downtown Minneapolis on South Nicholas. And he calls us over the radio about some homeless people sitting on the bench. And it's open for the public. It's available for the public.…"

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"…I even remember there's a time where and I think maybe some McDonald's still regulate how long you could sit in the McDonald's and eat. But now we have the culture of the students who like to use the WiFi to study papers and do research. So now it's kind of eased up a bit on the loitering. But they still probably have some anti loitering language in our training, I guess, at some stores, and how to spot and detect the loiterers.…"

@OmegaStrange dystopian present.

Anti-Loitering Tech

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