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Dewuan .

 · 5mo ago · 4:28
My version of Small Talk.

"…Independence Day is approaching America's birthday, where we freed ourselves from the red coats and the tyranny of tax. In translation for black folk, that means we get a day off of work monday coming up. But are we barbecuing? Are we inviting certain people to the barbecue due to this row versus Wade s***? The overturning of it and s***? Clarence Thomas, is he invited to the cookout?…"

I can’t hit a Homerun every swell. 😰🤷🏾‍♂️


JJ True

 · 5mo ago · 4:34

"…Well, I was gonna reply, man, even before you said, like anybody gonna reply. I like the small talk. Small bud. I like small talk because that's I don't know that that's really I think what these social audio apps are for is just really small talk. I find that since COLVID, like, people don't typically talk to each other, like at the grocery store or just in passing as much as they used to.…"