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Fragility And Strength| An Andrew Tate Story.

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"…I just recently watched Andrew Tate's final message as it was touted as he has been since removed from almost all walks of mainstream social media. And if you don't know who Andrew Tate is, I was in the same boat as you a couple of weeks ago. I only got word of this individual around the time that he was about to be banned from a lot of these platforms.…"

The Dangers Of Grindset Mentalities.


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"…Well, because I've seen this happen in the past, it feels, though, because Andrew Tate and this is just an assumption here, that because he was bullied, he ran with it, said, hey, I'm going to be alpha. And this ties into social media because the more shock value that you can create through social media or with people in general, the more views you get.…"

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"…And there are many men out there that feel this way, particularly men of the right. They feel a woman should be subservient to her man, and he feels anyway, they shouldn't even have to work. He got the bills taken care of, et cetera. I mean, that's preferably, whoever's choice. But it's interesting how he comes up with these sorts of things that he can't possibly know.…"

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Demarkis Klan Destine

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"…And you take he is a funny dude. You know, I'm not surprised that he has been banned, have been hearing that, been hearing sad things about him not being able to participate on a lot of social media platforms. In some ways, I guess this is what he wanted, right? Or maybe not. So it's funny because this is coming from a guy that said in an interview that women in the UK should be stoned. They should be stoned to death.…"


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"…I do see why he would mention Sharia Law. Definitely seems to mirror a lot of his ideas of what women should be, although I doubt he doesn't care much for the faith of it all. But he loves the application of women being docile. He probably doesn't want them covered up that much either. It would endanger his ego, so he'll want them to look sexy at all times.…"

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"…Dewan really quickly wanted to respond to this again because, as I mentioned earlier, really interesting topic. I was actually I usually write ideas down for swelling all sometimes and I was coming across a similar idea in regards to this. So it's one of the reasons why I did respond. But I did listen to your follow up and then of course, I listened to Omega's follow up. And one interesting thing that you brought up was the idea of alpha males in general.…"


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