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The Parasocial Experince.

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"…You've heard this stuff of me and it's not false information. It's very true. But I'm afraid the relationship between you and I is a bit colored. It's not 100% real. It's in the ballpark of realness. Yeah, but it's not 100%. For one, I have the luxury of deciding on what I want to say before I say it. And I can rerecord it at Nauseum till it's perfection, at least in my eye.…"

How real can you be on Social Media?


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"…That you talk to somebody who is more socially aware, more conscious than you. So for the conversation to happen on the same page, it is required that we always do not become intimate with people. For example, in my case, when I talk to my parents, there's a lot of mundane conversations happening in which all the transactional talks are happening.…"

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"…But this was something that the actor rehearsed read the script, memorized it, worked with the director, worked with other actors, filmed it, got notes, probably got more directions. So they kept filling the scene over and over again to get it right. And by the time the person watches it, that actor has already kind of been removed from that production process probably three months to a year maybe, or even more.…"

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