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On Persisence - A Semi-Rant

And, like, I'm definitely doing the radio voice right now, because if you heard how I actually sound at the moment, it would be pathetic. Yeah. And here's the thing again, is I'm left with the same conclusion as always. All the difficulties that I face, all the struggles, I have come down to one single common denominator. And that's me. It's me. It's always me. Hey. Hi. I'm the problem. It's me

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Hi. So I ran a cautious well, and I wanted to, I don't know, something with the title just resonated with me. And so I want to encourage you while I encourage myself. Persistence is all that we need, right? Persistence will get us through until we are no longer battling, um, with depression. Persistence will get us through until we are no longer beating ourselves up
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And I'm that weird spiritual person who, when my emotional well is full, I forget to tap into my spiritual side and tap into my gifts, and I neglect that side of myself, and I get caught up in the physical world that we live in, but I do really believe that we are not our bodies. And I read from a book by Louise Hay, heal your life, and you mentioned sinus problems. And I read from this. If it resonates, it resonates
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Is it really smart to be driving while doing swell casts