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Confluence there is beauty to be found at the place where dark and light flow together and unite. There such colors may abound. All the world can stand in awe for the contrast it displays silver clouds and golden rays, sun's perfection and night's flaw. But it only lives so long, long such intensity soon passed this display. Can never last over quickly like a song does that sight still sing to you when the dusk has swallowed all shadow on the land may fall but that beauty remains true

Poem, written 2/12/23. #poem #poetry #poet #writer #writing #sky #sunset #evening #confluence #nature #beauty #hope #day #night #life #naturalbeauty

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Hey, thanks so much for sharing this. There were a few moments there where the rhythm of your poem was very much it reminded me of a Robert Frost poem. Not the the road not taken, but some other one. But really good, really impressive. Thank you for sharing
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That's a very kind thing for you to say. I certainly don't feel like I come anywhere close to being qualified for frost's level of status. But the comparison is one that makes me happy, and I very much appreciate it
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