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Richard Roberts
@FiremanRich · 4:04

Choose Your Favorite Classic Game . . . .

article image placeholderChoose Your Favorite Classic Game [POLL]
I know I played Monopoly quite a lot in chess, but this year there's another additional twelve toys that are finalists in the 2020 induction into the strongest National Toy Hall of Fame. And only three will make it. And that's going to take place next month, November 5, at 1030. And the Inductees goes as follows. Baby Nancy, it looks like it's a baby toy. And then there's bingo. That's number two @NewsRadio1290

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phil spade
@Phil · 1:46

Advanced Mastermind and Scrabble

Hey, Rich, you know of that list? I'd probably have to go with Risk, although I did like Risk, but I put it in the same category as Monopoly and that I enjoyed playing them. But to be honest, you know, neither my friends or family really ever had the patience to complete either one of those games. We'd always get ways into it before just kind of getting bored of it and then just ended up quitting the game
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