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Richard Roberts
@FiremanRich · 4:55

Having The Morning Coffee & I Do Like Swell! ☕😷👍 08.21.2020

Audio date here on Swell is eight point 21 point 2020. That's a year 2020 current time is 06:20 a.m. Eastern time here in upstate New York Southern tier of up to state New York, where I live and reside. Rich Roberts at Firemanrich here on Swell as well as over other on anchor and also on Twitter anchor being my mainstay for audio. But I tell you I'm liking this well, and maybe that might be my title here as I'm starting here. Just get my morning started

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Unity Eagle
@UnityEagle · 1:04

Welcome @FiremanRich

Fireman, rich. Good morning to you. And great to hear your voice on swell. I love the sound of your little sipping your coffee and over other Here it's a beautiful summer day. Clear blue skies, 31 degrees Celsius, but very windy. Maybe you can hear it in the background. Here it comes. The high tree sketching the wind but it's not so strong it's a few minutes back but hope you will have a blast and I think you will so welcome
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