The Umbrella Academy ☂️ Season 1 on Netflix

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It revolves around a dysfunctional family and they are dysfunctional of adopted sibling superheroes who reunite to solve the mysteries of their father's death and the threat of the impending apocalypse. And got a note that the first season was released on Netflix back in February of 2019. So over a year ago, but Netflix reported that 45 million households had watched season one in the first month of its release. And that is a big wow

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So back in about 20, 03, 20 04, that was my absolute favorite band in the entire world. And Gerard Way being the singer, he was a rock hero of mine in his downtime. I guess when he's not touring, has been a writer. And one of the things he did the Umbrella Academy season, he's also written an issue of Spiderman Into the Edge of Spiderverse crossover that they did several years back. And it was a fantastic issue you
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