Feel Better Today #1

Take a moment to reflect on what truly makes you feel alive. What sparks your passion? What ignites your sense of purpose? Is it the joy of connecting with others? Is it the satisfaction of conquering challenges? Identify those sources that give you a sense of accomplishment and let them be your guide. Embracing your awesomeness means embracing your strengths and quirks, acknowledging that you are a unique blend of experiences and talents. And here's the thing you don't have to do it alone

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ashmi dewan
@ashmi.dewan · 0:14
Good morning, Stephen. What a lovely post to wake up to early morning. I really enjoyed listening to you and I will be following you and looking forward for more such content
Cheyonia Wade
@Chey · 1:04

@FeelBetterToday #inspired

You. This really was a great post. It just it just worked with my day. I'm just getting a moment to listen to my swells, and I had a very interesting day today. It was very calming, and yet that a lot was accomplished. And I sat down and I played this, and it was just a wow moment. I look forward to hearing more swells like this. So thank you. I appreciate the invite. The picture is an end indication of how my day went