faith s
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What’s in a name? Rebranding

But I don't know, I mean, you know, since we shut down the last company and startups this new one, like, you know, I've become a programmer and I just feel so much more connected to several different identities and I just felt like it was time for a fresh change

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Romie herself
@Romiesays · 3:17

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But I also do see the way that adding something to it says, okay, we're actually expanding into something larger than I thought originally. And it avoids the problem of I mean, there's something really nice about very short names, and we're both from a film background, so having the one word title that's like Jaws, where you're like, I could just see that on a poster is very appealing
faith s
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We've incorporated a new technology, we're actually using a bit of AI in the back end that we weren't using before, just to match people with films and other users and things like that. It's been really incredible