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#askalocal | London - Coal’s Drop Yard

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But right now I'm sitting in a park with lots of children and families who live nearby and it's a lot like the High Line in New York in the sense of that kind of like beautiful shrubbery everywhere. And, yeah, it's really lovely. There's a canal that I often run down that's here. Google is looking at the Google Building right now. It's headquartered here and there's all these wonderful restaurants, so I don't know if anyone's listening

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Hey, thank you for sharing this up close in person perspective of London. It's always been on my wish list to visit. It's always like place I've always kind of been obsessed with, but I haven't never had the opportunity. But it's great to hear someone from there that's in the location talking about these places that an outsider might not be aware of. So thank you. I really appreciate it
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