Eric Owens
@EricG · 4:48

Swish into the Future: Wilson Launches Gen1 3D-Printed Airless Basketball

You. Hey guys, how about a basketball that doesn't require air or inflation of any kind? Introducing us sports equipment manufacturer Wilson Sporting Goods, which has announced its plans to sell the 3d printed airless basketball it unveiled as a prototype last year. The 3d printed Wilson Airless Gen one basketball will be available for currently $2,500 in a limited release starting on February 16 of 2024

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Kitha Larie
@chitchatwithkk · 0:46
Okay, yeah, it might fit, but unless I knew that little $12 ball or whatever it is at the store works just fine. But it is interesting at how they're doing that and trying to provide something that's going to last longer. But I don't think it's going to last at all at that price. That's just my take. Thanks for the invite