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Chip Implants Would You Do It?

In another video, she reveals that her husband had an even more advanced chip and planned in his hand. His chip can store information, including social media accounts and websites. She also explained how another version of the chip could store her credit card information as well. Implantable chips and humans are not new, but for the last several years, the push to market them to a dubious population has escalated

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Jack .
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And I think from at least my personal perspective, there's more stuff in the news about this technology being pushed forward. So I think in our lifetime it's going to become commonplace. I personally don't want one. I was thinking about having a chip in your hand that you could read your credit card. This is just one example and one problem, so I don't want to get caught either. But imagine if someone could then just kind of kidnap you and control your arm
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It's just a question of more of a question of humanity than anything else. What are we willing to do? What are we willing to give up, but yet at the same time protect? So it should make for a pretty interesting conversation. It's not something that I will ever do. I will try and find a way to survive without doing it. Hopefully, I actually be able to do that. Anyway, so thanks so much for the response. Appreciate that
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Eluchianna Olive
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I just don't like where this is heading. Whether it's safe or not, it depends on who you ask. I just don't need that in my body. I don't want that in my body. It's interesting how people are not up in arms over this. Well, they are, because some people think, oh, the government is monitoring you and tracking your every move, but they don't have it. They're not behind the concept
Demarkis Klan Destine
@OmegaStrange · 4:40
I can see that these chips that they may implant you out on a run. You run them from the cops, you flee from the cops. I mean, they're going to track you. It makes it a lot easier to track people. Or if they can make the lethal enough, they may even terminate you
Ty Dobbs
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There's been so many things that have been introduced via addictive traits and other things into our existence nowadays that have made a lot more toxicity, which is why I think we see a lot more cancers and everything. But nonetheless, I don't think there are really anything that I would put in my body that I'm going to leave it out. There's nothing I really would do