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KFC workers hiding from customers

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The Ticktocker claims they backed their car up so they were able to better see the workers hiding in the office, which of course prompted one of them to come out and say the restaurant was closed. The Ticktocker says the KFC workers then pretended that they had no door orders and had to be shown the order in order for them to start preparing the food. If you don't like your job, just quit, dude, don't waste other people's time, said the customer

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phil spade
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The workers side

Now, in the case of before closing, I'm hyper, hypersensitive to a restaurants closing. Maybe they haven't had anybody in 2 hours and they just want to get out of there. They've already done all their closing activities, and they're ready to go. I will ask if it's okay, and I will ask, should I get it to go? I'm more than happy to do that. I'm more than happy to walk out the door as well
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