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Cave of Terror

Discovered in central Belize in 2006 is believed to have played host to bloody rituals undertaken by the ancient Mayans scientists researched with the victims consumed before their deaths and now believe they have discovered further evidence of their torture researchers from the California State University of Los Angeles say strange blue fibers found on the teeth of some victims may suggest many were gagged they found that they were believed to be a string and a calcified plaque from two specimens teeth known as dental calculus they also noted that the residue on six of the teeth contained cotton fibers adding several were dyed bright blue according to the Heritage Daily some researchers suggest that the fibers were colored by an alcoholic drink that was commonly consumed by sacrificial victims to ease their suffering but others argue that fibers were present because of gags as the victims were paraded from town to town over a period of time as they were in custody for a long period before execution the fibers may have become incorporated in the tooth plaque the latest research comes from after skeletal remains determined that sacrificial victims were even used as gruesome license excuse me gruesome incense holders experts believe that victims likely sacrificed to the guts before tribal tribesmen cut off their heads and used them to burn sweet smelling chemicals researchers made the disturbing discovery after finding a skull and mysterious underwater cave near the massive mine city of Chicken izza I'm not sure if I pronounced that right in 2019 they reckon the person was sacrificed deep within the caverns as they were believed to be the opening to the sacred world the Maya were an advanced civilization to build great pyramids and stone cities but mysteriously abandoned them by the 10th century scholars have debated what might have caused such a dramatic collapse of an empire most descendants of the Maya were living in agricultural villages by the time Spanish invaders arrived in the 16th century and there are a few written records I'd say a story like this qualifies as scary for the month of October

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Demarkis Klan Destine
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No, I was going to say something that I don't know you know what, I'm just going to say it. I wonder if the people back then that would cut off heads and use the skulls for decorations, I wonder if they were the same people that we will call serial killers. I wonder if they had the same mindset right back then. Was it okay for these psychopaths to be in power now? It's kind of hard for them to get away with these things, right?
Ty Dobbs
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It's fascinating stuff. There's definitely a lot of history and information out there around it, but Justin Campbell has done a lot of work to kind of shine some light on the different beliefs around the world. So thanks for the opportunity to share some knowledge and thanks for the invite as always, appreciate it