Eric Owens
@EricG · 1:59

Bookstores: What are you drawn to?

And I love bookstores. Always have. I've always loved books. I've always loved reading. It's not only an escape from our everyday lives, but you can either entertain yourself with a really well written book or you can learn things about history didn't know anything about. So it's always fun. So I want to ask you, what section in a bookstore are you drawn to? I'd love to hear from you. Click that reply and share with me your thoughts

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Sandie Smith
@AKAMsSmith · 1:45
So I'm always trying to pick up something new, some new tips, some helpful books to get me to the next level of my writing. And then I'll go to the back to the magazine section. I will definitely get a copy of Writer's Digest. I don't know why, I just won't get a subscription. But I do like to go back there. I'll look at it for a few minutes and then I'll end up buying it