Now I, being quite an imaginative person myself, cant help every time I hear a voice to start painting a picture of the person behind that very voice. So basically saying I might have an image of all of you here who are missing a DP. And I find it quite intriguing to relate a face with a voice now. So my question to you all is do you also feel the same and actually become a painter as soon as you hear a swell or a voice?

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Ranjana Kamo
@Gamechanger · 1:11
Hi. This is a nice perspective on swell. Definitely. You know, when we are listening to people, we form some kind of an image of that person. We need not be painting their pictures as such, but we definitely try to form a kind of a personality of the person around that voice. A voice that is powerful, is definitely appealing. Somebody who keeps taking pauses and is, sounds very laid back can be difficult to listen to at times
@EnigMa23 · 0:23
Thank you so much, Ranjana ji, for taking your valuable time out and listening to my swell and then giving your perspective on it. Your words are really encouraging and I look forward to hearing them every time. So thank you so much and keep them coming. Let's stay connected