One Good Thing Every Day: Day 3

Hi, I'm M, and welcome back to day three of my series. One good thing for yourself every day. Each day, I'm being intentional, purposeful, and making an effort to do one thing that's kind for myself. Today was another one of those days

My episode today got interrupted by a phone call. But hey, isn’t that life? #selfcare #wellness #mentalhealth

Ty Dobbs
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Hey, Emma, love clicking on your swells whenever I do see them. This is fun, exciting and very ambitious. But it seems to me like that's kind of your style of doing things, and it seems to me like you thrive on it and you can pull it off in a way that many people may struggle. So I just want to commend you publicly and say, keep going
em 🦋💐🤍
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Hi there. Thank you so much for dropping by. And thank you for the comment. Yes, you are right. My friends all do joke that I thrive on chaos. So you have pinpointed that exactly there. Yes. It is important to take care of yourself always. And I do my best to do that. Sometimes I forget to eat right at meal times, but I make sure to get something three times a day, right. Something I'm working toward