And this little tiny puma cat logo, y'all, it does not come off. So my 18 month old is sitting in my lap, and she's happy and she's drinking her milk, and we're having a nice little cuddle time. It's about to be bedtime. This is probably part of the problem in retrospect, but she notices this bright white little puma cat, and she touches it and then looks at me and looks back at it and looks at me and says it off

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Ty Dobbs
@dobbsty · 1:22
And anyway, I use swell when I'm, you know, just looking for a conversation ending up when you're rocking him and the sun came up and you don't know what to do. Thank goodness he just kind of sleeps through most of it. But yeah, hearing your story about your 18 month is crazy to me. Like I said, he's two months old and I don't really have a crazy story or a story that fits your prompt
Elizabeth Hoover
@elliehoovs · 3:10


And it fills my heart to see them kind of embrace who they are and explore what their authenticity is. It's been such a crazy journey because my youngest is 18 months and my eldest is 16, so I span the age range there and I have five daughters, so they're kind of all stacked up in between there. But it's a wild, crazy, beautiful, stressful, sometimes ride that is worth every ounce of energy that it takes to do. Being a mom is my favorite thing