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Ghalib’s Letters ( ग़ालिब के ख़ुतूत ) Letter 1

So through this podcast, I'm trying to bring to you some of the most fascinating and interesting letters written by Ghalib to his disciples, friends, relatives, loved ones. And I hope you enjoy these. Thank you

Ghalib’s Letter to his friend Munshi Hargopal Tufta ,written on 27th Dec’1858.. #GhalibKeKhutoot

Aishani Chatterjee
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This is even available. So thank you so much, Chef Nikki, because I think I came across this for the first time, and it's beautiful. Or Apnea. Parker present here, I think that brought out its beauty beautifully. Brought out its beauty successfully. So thank you so much for that
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Hi. I'm sorry, I don't know how to pronounce your name. Most of the people have read or heard Valip's poetry. Both. Most of the people are not aware of this creative piece. Which letters and these letters are written in a very simple language. These are not difficult to understand as compared to his poems and his guzzles. Although theatre performances and live letters. There is an audience of 200 people, 300 people. Nice platform to make people aware of these letters
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@Ekant #UrduPoetry #Ghalib Amazing voice, better than Zia Mohyeddin’s reading

The language, the beauty of it is so incredible. Simple life transported there. This is totally amazing
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Bahat, Bahat, Koopka and Dazebia. It's so fun listening to the narration of the letter in your style posting. Looking forward to it. Thank you