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Its Spring. Share your bird sounds!

It. All right. There's this thing where whenever I'm on the phone with someone, I'm outside. They always comment on the birds around me. It seems like bird sounds really get captured well in phone calls, and I think it might be something to do with how the iPhone works. So trying a little experiment here. I'm outside. There's this cardinal right above me being super loud. And what I want to find out is, can you hear it in the swell?

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You okay? I'm in Palm Springs. It's sunny, about 75 degrees, and there's snow on the mountaintop

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The birdies are not particularly melodic today, and there was one I wanted to capture and share, but unfortunately, based on circumstances, I wasn't able to catch it. But because it's a bird that makes multiple songs but there's this one song, it only does certain times of the year and only certain times of the day. And I was telling a friend about it today, and she said that how her husband describes it, as saying cheeseburger
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Welcome to Swell!

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I feel like we have some the same and some different, especially when the seasons are changing like this. So, yeah, let me know what other birds you hear. I'll listen out for any of my favorite bird songs that I hear


And so when the little ones come, the tiny little birds, there's this little pitter patter of the sound of their feet on the balcony, which I love. And then there's the bigger ones that are funk thunk as they hit the seeds. But anyway, it's one of the little birds. I think a friend said she thought it was a chickadee. I think it said there's something in the name of black belly or black back or black head or something chickadee
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Bird sounds from Los Altos, California. No idea which birds they are.

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Red-winged blackbird!

"Cheeseburger." (⚠️ Sorry for the quiet bird, loud me!! ⚠️)

It sounds more two tonal by this particular bird, but normally you'll hear that cheeseburger that third the third one, anyway. I don't remember what bird it is, but it's one of the many songs that they sing. And they only sing this particular one, like in the springtime, and usually only certain times of the day. I'm surprised to hear it now, but anyway, that's the Cheeseburger Bird. You our channel