Any question for the doctor?

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Good girls don't make history. Bold girls, too. And me as a doctor. Okay. I have always been a bold person. Not in any ways, not physically, not externally, but from the inside above. Always spoke in my mind. Right now, I'm in quarantine because I was the first contact for COVID-19 case, which is very severe. And being confined in one place for three, four days has led me to swell

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Nidhin George 🔷
@geo_rhymes · 1:09

@DrK91 I'm going to ask the most cliché question 🫣

As in what specialty do you follow? And also, how has the journey been? What inspired you to be a doctor? Did you really enjoy the whole process right from medical school to your internship or practice ship or whatever you call it, to where you are right now? Has it been fulfilling? How would you describe?
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Kritika Harshank
@DrK91 · 4:44


My goal is not just to look after a patient and then cure them and then just be like done with them. I'm taking this society and rising it up, making people believe in medicine more. I could see there's a lot of corruption and sad, sad things about medicine here, but I'm trying to make a difference. What I do is I'm an MBBS. That means I'm an Mo medical Officer
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