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Kritika Harshank
@DrK91 · 4:31

Highschool nostalgia

article image placeholderUploaded by @DrK91
I think you and I should stay the same cause I can't help it if you look like an angel can't help it if I wanna kiss you in the rain so come feel this magic I've been feeling since I met you can't help it if there's no one else. I can't help myself. M. They're dreaming. The street lights. You're perfect for me. Why aren't you here tonight?

#teen #teenage #funtimes #highschool #song #sing #romance #romantic #rain

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The Bookbot Theory
@Bookbot · 0:25

This is pure nostalgia@DrK91

You hi yet another beautiful song that you just brought back from the memory lane. Your voice actually sends the listener on a walk. This was so beautiful. Pure nostalgia in every word. I loved how you how you have infused your own touch in this song. Just beautiful. Thoroughly enjoy it. Thank you so much for sharing
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