Do you let your gas tank get empty?

I'm curious to know what type of driver you are. Are you the type of person that waits until your gas warning light comes on to get gas? Or are you the type of person who goes and gets gas at half tank or quarter tank

Did you know that constantly letting your gas tank get to empty damages your tank?

Taranjit Athwal
@Taranjit · 1:27

Never again will I let it go to empty #driving #gastips

But anyway, ways, I was dropping my sister off for her sat test and I noticed that I didn't have that much gas left in my car, so I had the option of either filling up before I dropped her off or dropped her off and then filled the tank. And I thought, okay, since we're already running late, I should have plenty of gas to drop her off and then get gas. Boy, was I wrong?
Roy Songer
@Roybotz · 0:25


Always get gas early in the morning when it's the coldest because as you know, gasoline shrinks as it gets colder. So you actually buy more more gas in the morning. I get more gas in the morning than you do in the afternoon. It's always been good advice
Swell Team
@Swell · 0:15

Welcome to Swell!

@Roybotz I thought that was a myth

Really that's interesting. I heard that that's actually a myth. And that because gas is stored underground. That no matter what time you get it, it shouldn't affect that. Interesting
Not So Bon Voyage
@NotSoBonVoyage · 0:30

Below the E!

I would say that we have absolutely pushed the absolute limits of our car when it comes to letting the gas tank go empty. I think Christine is probably the expert of knowing how to get the gas as low as humanly possible, mechanically possible before we fill up. So, yes, we've definitely had some very close calls, but I think that they're really just a warning. They are a suggestion that because we've never actually ran out of gas. At least not that I can think of
phil spade
@Phil · 0:57
Now, when I first got my license and was sharing a car with my parents, I was the master at getting the most out of that gas and just returning the car into the driveway on Fumes so that my mom would have to fill of that up with her money. Always made her pretty furious. But I was really the master at that. Now I really haven't been driving that much