What does being Black mean to you?

And then it is also an opportunity, and I guess, a space to welcome black suffrage, black pain, black frustrations that are just of the past and of the present day, and how to address those that are coming for the future. And for me to answer the question of what does being black mean to me? So, in my household, my parents are from Jamaica, so I felt like I was in a jamaican household in my household

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And what about all year long? Can we celebrate people, as you said, who are black? And so I think leaning towards the positive, maybe we're morphing into that, where we're speaking so much about black accomplishments and even black culture, and so much of it is ingrained into our daily lives, especially with social media being so prevalent. And we're on twenty four seven, and we're connected, literally, with people all around the world
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Part 1

I believe we've moved to a point where there's been a lot more conversation about it. You were talking about just a different energy around it this year for you specifically, and I noticed that transition for me last year and has deepened this year, is there's been more conversation. That's progress. Start with the positive first
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Part 2

I'm adding this part to finish up quickly. I said, so I'm not able to do that and put myself in an unsafe situation. And I was really proud of in that moment. This was a sign for me that we moved to a different space. We are moving to a different space face, which is a positive, because I was honestly expecting a gasp. And you know what they say about expectations. I was honestly expecting or anticipating a gasp
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Recently, I watched the movie origin with my students, where the writer Isabella Wilkinson explored the concept of caste. This film made me realize that caste systems exist not only within the black community, but also within african culture and communities worldwide. If we can transcend our preconceived notions and accept individuals for their true selves, we can create a better world as a united community of human beings. Overall, black being black encompass a multitude of emotions and experiences
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You. Thank you for not only commenting, but commenting so early in the morning. I feel you. I have a little in my home, so I'm up early anyway, so I appreciate anyone who's up early as well. I know that's not always easy, and I appreciate your thoughtful comments. I would say the only thing, sis, is it didn't sound like you were fully confident that we were right where. I completely agree where we need to be
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So it's everyone's black, everyone's african, right? Like, we're all descendants of Africa. So I'm not quite sure where this differentiating line in the sand is being drawn, but such is life. I think it's a whole other can of worms there. But I'm just struggling
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Like, at the end of the day, life is colorful, and sometimes the most colored moments are the moments that you can use to motivate yourself to say, okay, let me get it together. Because once you're so removed from trauma and pain, then it can get very easy to not have enough gratitude to kind of be stuck in the mud over things that are not necessarily trivial, but would be seen as. Not as problematic as, say, for folks who had harder existence
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It's thank you for sharing. I will definitely check out the link and I welcome any collaboration. I won't say any. I won't say any. I'm always open to discussing collaborating or exploring the possibilities of a collaboration at any time. I will check out the link and I'll message you with questions
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