Love is Blind Season 6 Review 💘

And upon the man proposing to the female, then he is able to see her after he has asked for her hand in marriage, and she has to agree. And so the kind of revolutionary idea of this, and thus the name of the show is love is blind, is that can you fall in love without ever seeing the person? Just literally based on conversation? Personally, I think the answer to that is yes. But being that I have been married coming up on eleven years now

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Homosanity here from the Homo sanity show. I'm not listening to this because I haven't finished season six. But again, we have something in common. I, like love is blind. I haven't finished, though, so I can't listen to this yet, but I will after I finished Homo sanity out
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I mean, I feel like every season I say that, but I don't know, where do they find these people? That's what I was saying to my wife. I know there's a lot of people with bad intentions out there, but in my personal life, I feel like I know really good dudes. And these guys on the show this season, the ones that caused a lot of the issues, just really make a lot of people look bad
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Hey, that is awesome that we have that in common. Thank you for telling me. I think that that's awesome for you to come out here and share your thoughts and tell me that you want to respond, but you have to wait to respond. I love that. That tickled me pink. Yes. Excuse you. Absolutely. Please finish and then come back and return and tell me what you think. I have more thoughts to share. It's going to be an interesting conversation
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And then also, I think it's very interesting that the relationship can only progress to a marriage when the man proposes. That's very traditional. And that's also not really in alignment with where we're going in life. And then no one's really brought it up. But what about the scenarios where people want to, where women are maybe bisexual or into men and women and fill in the blank?
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The more that you talk about it, the more that I'm just super interested in wanting to know more. And then, to your point, we'll see where my son KJ sits on this. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You have a good rest of your day
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I can't contribute to the conversation because I don't know, but I wanted to really contribute to talk about that concept of arranged marriage and the contributing factors that go into those type of compatible relationships