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What about climate change

Whether it's reducing our carbon ring, supporting sustainable practices, or advocating for change, will play a part in shaping a better future. As we wrap up today episode, I want to leave you with a warm thought. Yes, climate change is a monumental challenge, but it's also an opportunity for positive change. By coming together, embracing sustainable practices, and staying informed, we can create a future that is healthier for our planet and for us. Thank you for joining me on this journey today

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Ty Dobbs
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A long time ago, I was very much caught up in the climate change discussion and I'd be very much emotionally charged and very fearful and very afraid of the future and afraid of having kids and afraid of this and that. Since, I've been able to much more relax my stance with a massive emphasis on trust that we are moving towards a brighter future, even if it doesn't consume our every waking thought
Andrea Learned
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@dobbsty Trusting that ultimately climate ACTion will win the day.

And ultimately all sorts of people are going to realize that when it's available to them, renewable energy is the obvious way to go in comparison to LNG or coal or whatever they're using currently. And that looking at an EV or even potentially deciding to take public transit or ride an ebike or something, changing their behavior a little bit isn't as hard as they thought. A lot of their neighbors might be doing it. They can figure out a way to access it
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Thank you so much for your comments. I really like and enjoy when somebody takes time to answer or, I don't know, give me some feedback. Your words are very warm and. And I like it. Have a wonderful day. Thank you. I'm gonna follow you. I look like you. Seems like very interesting person
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Andrea, thank you so much for your kind word. You sound very, very immersed in these topics and I really admire you and the way that you talk. I'm gonna really follow you because you seems like are a person who is going very deep in these topics and I want to learn more about it. Thank you so much for taking your time. Have a nice day or week or I don't know, your life. Bye