Ty Dobbs
@dobbsty · 4:27

#PhotoStory | A photo I am proud of...

I found old pots and pans and very, very much abandoned, but nonetheless, a beautiful, beautiful moment. And I will always remember this little space, as, you know, this beautiful slice of paradise. And I look forward to one day returning to this and just revisiting it all these years later. This shot was taken 2018 as I was traveling through Monuments Valley in the fall around October 10

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Todd Heimbecker
@noarms · 1:13
It was two weeks ago and it was April 6 or something, and it was directly across the street. There's St. Patrick's Church and just a catacorner. There's in the photo there around lunch no. 1130. I was standing there having my lunch outside and then I had these six loud bangs. And then I started hearing, a few minutes later I started hearing sirens. And when I went back down, it was all roped. There's about six, seven please card