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diya sabapathy
@diyasabs · 4:14

Subtle Ways We're Classist: We Don't Even Realize It

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And as like, crazy as it might sound to someone who hasn't experienced this, veganism and vegetarianism are privileges. I didn't even know this until I did a little bit of reading myself. But yeah, another thing is questioning or judging people for working a lot. So like if a friend is too busy to hang out because they're always working instead of getting frustrated, take time to think about why many young people need to work to support their families or themselves

We're so privileged. Let's educate ourselves and others!

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diya sabapathy
@diyasabs · 3:00

Part 2

And these facilities are often like expensive, and the solid financial standing is necessary to be able to drop everything and focus slower solely on getting clean and also detoxing from jobs without help can be extremely dangerous and have adverse health effects. So be respectful of people's struggles and try not to judge. I haven't done this, but the previous ones, I think all of us at one point just assume that of course, we're not privileged in some ways, in some ways we are
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Kim M
@kimestryarts · 2:12


Thank you so much for taking the time to really break down what classism is all about. I think this is a really good discussion, a really powerful discussion. I am a professional educator in the University space, and a lot of these issues that you're talking about really were highlighted when we had to go online and teach during the pandemic. And just keeping in mind not to make assumptions about people's access to technology in their living situations became really paramount as University faculty members
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Taylor J
@Taylor · 2:28


I mean, it's sort of embarrassing and degrading that you would then have to go out of your way to ask for something because you don't have the ability to access what they're providing, something that should be available to everybody. Another example of this would be at Disneyland. I go to Disneyland a lot, even though I have issues with a lot of the things that they do, that's usually the story with most Disney fans. They sort of begrudgingly enjoy it
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