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41_Diya Parjapati
@diya_parja41 · 3:33

Legalize same sex marriage?2023 LGBTQ/sec-377

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Bhati agar abi same sex marriage co legalized karana chate to Zaru Saitakiji ul logoki Joe isko accept or legal karana chate I hope apkoi passandai or apisco share kari and reply on this myself

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41_Diya Parjapati
@diya_parja41 · 0:03
Be reaction. Niji mary's swell. Pegara chiller and thank you
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Angsa Kim
@Angsa_kim · 2:55
So you can do it, but you don't have to go every knock, every door saying we want to be legalized. We want to be legalized and reflecting the flag of LGBT community. So that's my view. Actually. My voice is really trembling. I'm in shape in okay
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