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Accept what nature gives us

Even though I might have lived and hung out with that character of people, and I know a bunch. But myself, I don't consider myself. So that is my disclaimer at the beginning. But I do want to talk about just how we live among nature and with ourselves and how we should treat each other. And what I've come to believe is just living with nature in nature and making sure that we are kind of symbiotic with nature, just keeping ourselves. Evolution has brought us here

Nature is at the central core of humanity. #nature #humanity #virtues #selfawareness #selfcontrol

Rocío (Ro) Christensen
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I feel like when we're younger, maybe we're a little bit less scared to ask for help or to admit weakness or admit that we don't know something and to trust that, to not judge that feeling when it comes. And then when we're older and the society that we live in also makes it so that we become very individualistic and feel that we have to only rely on ourselves
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