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A Walk Through On Indian Dance Forms!

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"…A-A-A-A-A-A walk through on Indian dance to swells by Davy According to me I am the biggest fan of dancing and dancing is form of expression that brings people together by letting them express their emotions in a certain way or can I say just to relax and kill themselves either way dancing blends by in by empowering our emotions in the most artistic forms out there India as it is one of the most culturally risked countries where almost every state has its own language, cuisine and dance forms but again when it comes in expression of art when it comes down to dance India has its own traditional classical folk style and tribal dances simply put out there which can be presented in the most amazing ways possible one of which is Bhatanatim Bhattanatim originates from Tamil Nadu South India Bharatanatim is also known as mother of all other classical dances is considered as the oldest dance forms in the country that also started from dancers in temple of Tamilado the dance is the pure amalgam of expression music, beat and rhythm Next up is Kathak Kathak is an another popular and recognized form of classical Indian dance which originates from Uttar Pradesh in North India this one is derived from the world called Kathar which means story So during the whole dance versus the dancers narrate stories through their steps moves, eyes and stunning expressions moving towards the northeast of India Manipuri Manipuri is in pure spiritual dancing experience the basic theme of this dance form is based on a classical dance form that depicts Raslilla or the romantic dance move of Hindu devotees forming a tribute to God Radha and Krishna the costume and makeup and the Mahabali steps plays a very great role here moving up next Odyssey Odyssey is a dance from emerging from the East Indian state of Odisha and is mainly derived from ancient Hindu temples in the state of Odisha The whole dance is based on gestures movements which is also known as the mudras the dance is performed to express the mythical stories of Hindu gods such as Lord Shiva and Surya and it is also considered the oldest surviving dad forms in the continent of India coming down to Kuchipudi Kuchipudi is considered one of the toughest forms of Indian classical dance that originated in South Indian state and Rajesh The forms is considered the toughest because it requires a whole lot of ritual from the lighting essence sticks to sprinkling the Holy water and praying to the Lord and guru before the actual performance and even during the course of the performance there are certain rituals and traditions which has to be carried with the flow of the music coming down to Kathakali this one is probably one of the most attractive dramatic and elaborate forms of classical Indian dance Kathakali originates in South Indian state of Kerala also known as God's own country during the 17th century the artists performing the dance need to have detailed makeup with heavy costumes and most importantly work on their gestures these amazing dance forms and the walkthrough you've just witnessed I can proudly say my country is rich in this and I shall have to say Kathak is my favorite personal dance form out of the amazing ones do let me know which one is your favorite I'll be looking out for it.…"

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