See, there is no guarantee, there is no 100% guarantee of not falling sick. But the idea is to minimize the risk and catch, if any. In fact, starting the right treatment at the right time helps to maintain better health and reduces the chances of heavy financial expense later. Educate yourself about the importance of health care in your life, its long term benefits and about the positive impact of regular checkups. And once you are convinced, spread awareness about it

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Challa Sri Gouri
@challasrigouri · 1:39
And the more care you take of your health, it would be easy to get through all kind of situations and to make sure you are healthy and confident enough at any point of time. Because the the moment your physical health is disturbed, your mental health also will be impacted. So it is very important for everyone to understand because the more you neglect health at certain situation, everything will go out of your hand and you can't control anything. It's really very bad
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