Deepanshu Goyal

@deepanshugoyal·5mo ago·5:00

What is this Straight Pride about? Part-1

College Voice India 🇮🇳LGBTQIA+

"…It appears to be confined within the definition of being high society, upper standing, sex, gendered, white cleaned individuals. The vast majority of them neglect in their understanding that Pride, notwithstanding the entirety of its stones and campfree, is grounded in the truth of obstruction against social authorities. And like this community, this whole Hindustrate community community, they misread the straight privileges. You know what?…"

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Deepanshu Goyal

@deepanshugoyal · 5mo ago · 2:10

"…Yeah. So this is the continuation of previous. Well, so I was saying about this, nothing a straight person has ever had to fight for struggle against just because he or name any one country where one can legally be murdered for being straight. There is not any reason to take pride in it. Yeah, I completely agree with that, that everyone has their own kind of struggles. But it's just that the community people, the square people have endured more struggles.…"

#whatvis straight pride ? Part-2  #sayitonswell


Abhishek Acharyya

@riataman_haryya · 5mo ago · 1:35

"…Seriously, this is the India we are tied into. Like we have socialized in India for all and everything. Like we have been looking forward for India where our generation would be that taught to provide the next generation of society that will be embracing and accepting every generous expression. And now we are only making such growth movements that only put hatred, ego, arrogance and toxic masculinity in our front.…"


Anshi Sharma

@xoxo_2004 · 4mo ago · 0:49

"…You know, it's so sad to hear that in a day and age like today, where diversity is accepted with open hands, people are doing this honestly. Like, when will people understand that there is their ideals are like centuries old and change is inevitable and change will happen no matter how they think, whether they want it or whether they don't want it. And there are no one to decide whether the change is good or bad. Plus, the LGBT community is not doing anything to them.…"


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