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#UCSBStory | What I miss the most about my time on UCSB campus...

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Connor O'Dowd
@darthvadersdad · 2:12
#UCSBStory | The most adventurous night I had in Isla Vista involved...

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Connor O'Dowd
@darthvadersdad · 4:01
Easy blues double stop ideas to help your blues sound dirtier

Blues guitar

Connor O'Dowd
@darthvadersdad · 3:32
Easy tricks to sound like Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead in 3 minutes.

Jerry Garcia, guitar, Grateful Dead

Connor O'Dowd
@darthvadersdad · 2:45
Just finished the legendary "Shogun," by James Clavell. Things I loved, things I didn’t and things that surprised me!

#shogun, #japan, #novel

Connor O'Dowd
@darthvadersdad · 4:59
How synthesizers from the 80’s hid in the cultural conscience for 30+ years and re-emerged with the rise of modern computer tech as Outrun/Synthwave

#synth, #outrun, #syntywave, #80’s

Connor O'Dowd
@darthvadersdad · 2:37
Existential Science Fiction: Why bad things happen to good people and how can we make sense of an uncaring universe in Mary Russell’s "The Sparrow."

Science fiction

Connor O'Dowd
@darthvadersdad · 3:18
Why I think Dune is the greatest piece of Science Fiction ever, and what even is sci-if anyways?

Dune is the greatest. Fight me.

Connor O'Dowd
@darthvadersdad · 2:30
Review - Ready Player Two (Ernest Cline)

Ready player one, ready player 1, ready player two, ready play 2, Ernest cline, science fiction, sci-if, fantasy.