Snow ❄️

I personally love it. Becoming an adult, I've quickly realized it's not fun to drive in and it can cause headaches and worry. But that's really the only negative I can draw from it. When you hear about it in the forecast, there's obviously the rush on the grocery store, but there's also that anticipation, almost childlike for those of us that like it. And you catch yourself looking out the window more and more to see if you can see that first flake falling

What a way to kick off my journey here on Swell. A recording about one of the beautiful mysteries of nature... snow. #snow #snowday #firstswell

Rocío (Ro) Christensen
@rocio · 2:11
And it's so beautiful. It's so beautiful. Another thing that I've learned is to not fear the cold, to enjoy it, to go out and be in the snow and listen to the sounds it makes when you step on it with your boots, to touch it, feel it on your cheeks when it falls down. It's really lovely. I'm really learning to appreciate how present it can make me feel in a way that only nature really can