#AskSwell Masterson Rape Case: What role does Church have in crimes?

article image placeholderDanny Masterson sentenced to 30 years to life for raping former Scientologists
He has pled not guilty to all of these, but this has been closely watched because it did happen during the MeToo era in 2020, or at least started. But most importantly, it's because the women had accused the Church of Scientology, which everybody belonged, from discouraging from reporting the rapes


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But there comes a point where if you're not going to hold someone accountable, if you want to shove it under the carpet then the penance, the forgiveness becomes equivalent to the get out of jail free card from Monopoly. You can continue to do the crime again and again and again. You just do the appropriate penance and carry on. And to me, prioritizing the criminal or the person doing whatever they're doing over the victims or potential victims, to me is not moral
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Harvey Pullings II
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And again, I am not shaming people for the participation in these cultures. But the idea that a moral authority is shaming other people for doing it while they themselves get to do it in a more richer, affluent and protected environment because they are hiding behind the faith is an example of how problematic these institutions have become. I do believe when it comes to the Scientology aspect of it, we're becoming more and more familiar with it as the days go by
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And this is another glaring example of one of them that I hope moves other religious institutions towards doing the right thing and to healing a lot of this
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Taylor J
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And by close by, I mean, like, a couple of residential blocks away. Not massive city blocks. So we're talking, I don't know, a quarter of a mile, maybe. There was a massive empty lot across the street that we had walked and driven by hundreds of times before. And this one weekend, we noticed that there was a carnival that was set up, and, I mean, it was relatively small, but they probably had five or six rides
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Theo Seibold
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We're talking about like 40 years and they're like well that was 40 years ago this is now. And I know there have been many people who tend to take that, oh well why are we talking about it now? Why are they bringing it up now? Number one trauma manifests differently for everybody. I as a combat vet my trauma from explosions blood children screaming all that stuff processed over time because there was something called suffer in silence
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