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Are processed foods as addictive as drugs?

article image placeholderFood Can Be Literally Addictive, New Evidence Suggests
Does this new research make you less likely to reach for the ultraprocessed foods and snacks when you are hungry? Does this research confirm what you already believed? I know a lot of people have spoken up on Swell that they believe a lot of foods and highly processed food are meant and designed to be addictive so that you are wanting to consume more

Study says yes! https://s.swell.life/STpf8GBYr604OSi

CinemaReel L.
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Foods can be as addictive as anything

But I feel like if you take something away from your diet, it's just going to make you want to crave it more. So like my mom always taught me, everything in moderation. So it's a matter of you are entitled to treat yourself for dessert, but just for dessert, don't have it. Be where every single snack out there is always a processed food. Fruits and vegetables can be just as good for you
Erica Jean
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But a lot of people in certain communities who have chronic illnesses or diabetes, we're learning that too much of the processed foods is what's literally killing us slowly. I don't know how else to put it. It really is, because when we change our diets, we literally reverse what's happening in our bodies. My A one C, which is like a blood sugar level, was at 13.5%, which is very, very dangerous
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Kitha Larie
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I try to just have natural sugars, but sometimes I eat sugars and I still eat them too much. But I noticed that when I do limit my sugar intake and I watch and I eat more natural food, that my body does go through a withdrawal process, just as you would with any drugs or any medication you have become dependent on. So I definitely will say that processed foods are addictive
Pragati Chopra
@Pragati.chopra · 4:20
I think it's better we choose on healthier stuff fruits until healthy fats, carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals. So the thing is that it needs to be talked about more often so that people get to understand that this is not as good as the food company shows it. So thank you for bringing out this topic, and it really needs time to think about this. Thank you so much. Bye
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