Calling all Kia and Hyundai owners! TikTok Video spurns car thefts: Who is to blame?

And the situation got so critical that car insurers like State Farm and Progressive have stopped insuring these cars. There are parking garages that are refusing to take these cars in because they're afraid of the liability if these cars get stolen on their property. There are a number of class action lawsuits being filed against Hyundai and Kia about fixing these cars. This has also led to debates in metro areas about who is to blame


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And him and his buddies drove it until it ran out of gas and they just left it on side the highway. And this took place in Milwaukee and yeah, that is a big thing right now. Still in Milwaukee. This happened maybe a month ago. So very sad state of affairs. These kids were like 1514 and twelve. So yeah, what a horrible trend that our children can so easily we find out and attempt to pull off and think it's funny
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The culture of TikTok is to blame, and evil and bad people.

That's why I will not be a Tiktoker, because it's a bad platform and it's even worse than Facebook. And I don't use Facebook either, for the same reason. So that's pretty much all I got for you. That's all I got. Man, this song has dark me. The humor. I am not a tiktoker. Don't take it too serious. That's all I got. I'm an individual. Can be very much serious. Number ticker
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There are brands that are a little bit more on top of it, like BMW, Volvo, and a few other brands who are aware that these cars may get hacked into. So they do have some preventative measures put into the, let's say the motherboard of the car. Kia and Hyundai, unfortunately, probably didn't think this through thoroughly and their system is easily hackable, whether it was TikTok or maybe a forum that had how to do a hacking on these cars
Taylor J
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They're sort of blacklisting these vehicles temporarily, or at least new customers with those cars from signing up. I'm wondering a couple of things. Would you say that the best way to sort of protect yourself from this sort of theft? I mean, aside from parking smartly, maybe having a camera outside of your home is like an old school steering wheel lock, something that could make a significant difference here
Mabel Peralta
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Hey, Taylor, thank you so much for the feedback. I appreciate it. And yes, you are correct. It was in February that State Farm and Progressive halted new insurance policies for new car owners on certain model Kia and Hyundai's. So I think it started in PA. But again, check your insurance if you're looking to buy one of those two brands, new or even certified preowned or used because depending on the model may be on that list
phil spade
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Mabel Auto, thank you so much for your replies here. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to them. I love it when somebody weighs in with firsthand knowledge of the situations. I am no expert in this whatsoever, so thank you
Mabel Peralta
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Their payments back then currently is 364. The wife went in today to a Kia store and they showed her a similar car and the payment is at 601. Now, I know they're trying to pull the wool over her. So I left the dealership world, and I work as a consultant as well as my other jobs in automotive. But because this is a referral, I obviously am going to make sure that they get the best value. And all she wants is electronic seats. That's it
Tessa Didier
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It. I really don't think TikTok is to blame for these break ins because TikTok also can be used for good and people find humor in it and it raises their spirits as it can also be used for bad as people take these instructions of how to break into these cars. Because my sister's car got stolen two weeks ago, hyundai from in front of my apartment complex, Ohio. And that was also a scary situation from young individuals