Dating after the age of 65. All of the or most of the men that I meet are under or actually between 50 and 65. Some people say age doesn't matter, but others say go for it. It's okay, it's cool. But then I feel that the age does matter. What do you think?

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But get a hobby. Do something that brings you joy and occupies your mind. But in terms of dating a man, I believe that you should date a man for at least two years. Getting to know him, seeing him through different seasons, seeing how he is when he's angry, when he's frustrated, when his money is not right, when he's happy. You got to see people go through things, two years tops
Angela Kaye
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But I have gotten attention from like 28 year olds, 30 year olds, and I'm like, boy, get out of here. So although I've always dated older, for the most part, other than my husband, my ex husband, lots of people date younger and have success. Now my aunt is, I want to say 76, and my aunt is currently engaged. This is actually her second engagement since losing her husband about eight years ago
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But I think that the age that we date, or would date, because I've asked this question to singles before, and I've gotten a range of answers. I've had single people say I would date ten years younger or ten years older, but that's it. Some singles are like, five years is my limit. And then some, they really just want someone their own age