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Arish Ali
@arish · 1:07

India beats Australia to level series after humiliating loss in first match

article image placeholderIndia thrash Australia to level series
I had to post about this because this is probably one of India's greatest test victories. This was the second test of a four test series, and we beat Australia in spite of not having some of our best plays available for the match. And ten days after losing very badly, we kind of scored 36 months and all out in the second innings in the previous test. And that was the lowest, I think, test total by India


Alwin Jeyakumar
@AlwinJ · 1:14

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So the absence of Koli was a blessing in disguise so that the team were able to get into a group as one team and they were performed to their best. They had nothing. After all, they had nothing to lose. So everyone were working as a single team and providing their best. And Rahana has a record of winning his matches and handling his team effectively and more patiently than goalie. So I think the credit goes to Rahana and hope the winning streak continues. Thank you. Bye