jessa D
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My Hello

So I've always had attraction to the adult entertainment industry and just like the way that it's ran and just the different ways that it's just more freedom career wise, I've always felt like and socially I am wonderful in the bed, but it takes a lot to bring it out. So what webcam model does is ideal for somebody like me, but at the same time, it's like you got kids and it's the other side of it and just thinking differently


J Wang
@jsmwang · 1:40
I think it takes so much like, it takes a lot of, I think, courage to kind of put yourself out there. And the purpose of all of it is to be able to connect with people, oftentimes lonely people who and webcam models just make the viewers feel like they're interacting with you. Let me know if this is wrong, though, because I'm not an expert and there are so many things that, like, a webcam model can do
kirk G
@k-gifted · 1:39
Hey, Jessica, what's happening? Congratulations on getting your application approved for webcam modeling. I actually didn't know that the application process is long. It was. I originally thought it was pretty short. I thought you just created an account and set up a webcam and do your thing. But apparently it's a lot longer. What exactly is the application process like? If you don't mind explaining? Is it more of just like, questions? Is it background stuff?
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Welcome to Swell!

jessa D
@Coylette · 1:17
So I guess it may not be as long and as grueling and looking back, it's not even as long a process as I thought. It's just that age verification is a process within itself, separate from the application process. And then it takes like 24 hours, I guess, them to go through, verify and approve the application. So, yeah, maybe the process is not that bad as much as verifying the age is a long process