Taking back your Power

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Hi, everybody. Hi. It's Louise, and it's Chris. And we're from Conscious Waves, and we just thought we'd talk today about taking back your power. Yes. So it's something that we've talked about on our podcast. You may have heard it. If not, doesn't matter. But taking back your power is one of those things that sometimes we forget and we give away our power accidentally. Yeah. Sometimes very unconsciously. Yeah, for sure

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Rocío (Ro) Christensen
@rocio · 1:08
This is a great question. I think for me, it starts with setting boundaries, little by little, because it's a big jump, I think, if you're not used to it, but kind of reclaiming even just a few minutes of my time, little by little, here and there and standing my ground so I have time to do the things that fulfill me or not even to do anything. Just to be with myself and relax and just be in silence
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You. Hi, I'm Chris and Louise. Thanks so much for your awesome reply. Yeah, I agree with you. It is a little by little process taking back your power. It really is. Yeah, for sure. And, yeah, just thanks so much. And thanks for all of your little inspirations that you're sharing. And yeah, just just keep them coming, and we can learn just so much from each other. So thanks for participating
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