Even if you are in the middle of a disaster, you can use that disaster for direction. That quote is by Oprah Winfrey. Next quote that I want to share says, life keeps changing. And as life keeps changing and seasons keep changing and circumstances keep changing, you've got to be flexible enough to change on a dime and switch this way and turn back this way. And if you don't make the right switch, you find yourself stuck. The thing you need to win is resilience

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Ty Dobbs
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And then through that process, you find the things that you love to do, things that maybe you're meant to do or you're born to do, or the things you're here to contribute to the world like you. This well cast, this podcast post is definitely valuable and very in aligned with who you are, I can tell. And I think that that alone is you're going to reach people and talk and touch them where they are
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