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Jessica Sobolewski
@CoachJessica · 4:46

Why You Shouldn’t Wait for Friday

Nothing catastrophic in a sense, where you lose a loved one, just really damaging weather, and it could just ruin your plans altogether like that. So why waste the opportunity? I'm not a spontaneous person at all. I'm very, very planned out and methodical. But I've also learned to scale back what I like to plan

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Dewuan .
@FryedOreo · 2:36
So my job, I still work Monday through Friday. I used to work Sunday through Thursday, so that was fun during. But traveling was terrible for me as I am a bus commuter. Anyway, thank you for this and happy day, whatever day of the week it happens to be that you're hearing this. Well, responds
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Tanya Coles
@MsColes77 · 2:41
There are ways that we can change our mindset and to look at the days of the week differently and not put so much emphasis on the weekend days and forget about the weekdays. So this is really important, and it is something that we must change our mindset with. I used to have a job way back in the day where I worked Friday through Monday. And so Friday was the beginning of my work week, and Monday was the end of my work week
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Ann-Gela Kaye
@DearAuntyAng · 2:15
Can you imagine someone waiting their whole week for Friday and then die on Monday or dying Tuesday night? And I hate to seem so morbid, but that's the reality. Like, every day that we have breath in our bodies. Enjoy. I also feel that way about using the good dishes. Right? I don't have any fine china, but I'll use paper plates for convenience
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